The People Development Team builds inclusive cultures that drive business results. Across geographic regions, genders, behaviours and backgrounds we partner with you to create an environment for all your people to excel in.

Unconscious Bias

Unchecked, bias can damage your talent, business development and strategic success. Our programmes reduce bias at every level.

Inclusive Leadership

A practical, modular approach that develops your leaders to achieve success beyond diversity.

Gender Development

Gender specific programmes from basic career development to preparation for senior strategic roles.


A suite of programmes that help identify who the resilient groups are in your organisation, key to building organisational resilience.

Live Interactive Webinar (WebEx)

Award winning, audio interactive, live training, delivered simultaneously to thousands of employees at their desk, in any part of the globe.


The long-term goal of embedding is to encourage discussion, share good practice and ensure the learning methods are far reaching, thereby driving a long term change in company culture and a tangible shift towards inclusion.


A cost effective and powerful solution, designed as either an off the shelf or a tailored version for even greater impact.

Face to Face

Globally available trainers who are able to deliver an engaging, impactful, highly interactive inclusion programme in person from two hours to two days.

Events & Conferences

Dynamic, powerful, interactive and strategic presentations or workshops to challenge, engage, motivate and inspire your business in the area of inclusion.

Retreats & Off-sites

By taking time away from the day to day business, retreats allow delegates to explore what inclusion and bias really means for them and their organisation.

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