About People Development Team

Building inclusive cultures

The People Development Team (PDT) has been operating since 1998. Originally a strategic, culture change consultancy, it’s work around the unconscious mind and the effects on data driven decisions encouraged a move into the field of unconscious bias with specific projects raising the question of why, with the best brains and serious investment in the field of diversity, progress was still painfully slow.

However, an early experience of delivering short, impactful training across many geographical areas and organisations to thousands of managers, backed up by practical tools and techniques, saw improvements in employment engagement results and specifically around inclusion. Coupled with this there was a tangible rise in the number of women being promoted into senior roles.  The knowledge gained from this programme built the foundation for the work we undertake today.

PDT is seen as a leader in live interactive webinar (WebEx) based training, with innovative instructional designers and technologically adept experts. This means that it is easy to reach thousands of managers with powerful yet simple messages, which is the key to creating an inclusive environment.

Inclusion brings together both bias and a strategic understanding of the importance of creating an inclusive culture. We partner with global organisations that want to create truly inclusive environments where everyone can excel.

The areas in which we have found the greatest positive impact on organisations are:

Why PDT Global?

  • Over 15 years’ experience – leaders in diversity, inclusion and unconscious bias training

  • Trainers and consultants based worldwide with knowledge and understanding of different languages and cultures

  • We are experts in live, virtual behavioural training (WebEx™) – a highly cost-effective, innovative approach to training

  • Flexible Delivery including interactive face-to-face seminars and e-learning programmes

  • Key embedding tools and materials that can be tailored to meet clients exact needs

Our expertise is extensive and covers private and public sectors. We have an excellent global reputation within financial services, technology and law amongst many other areas.