Early in Career (ECN)

Cisco has a significant gap of offerings for those early in their career, but of course retaining your top talent early-on is key to building your leadership pipeline of the future. As Cisco state ‘tomorrow starts here’ and this is as true of your people as it is of innovation.

Like the NGL model at Cisco, we support training that focuses on managers as well as the individual contributors themselves.

ECN Development Workshop:

Format: half day face-to-face workshop or 2×2 hour facilitated virtual workshop via WebEx
(pre-requisite; minimum bias awareness or e-learning)

This program sets out to develop individual confidence and to provide those early in their career with simple tools and techniques to help them navigate their world (your business) so that they can ensure that they are giving of their best and so you can get the best of their skills and talent. Beginning with a personal review (pre-work), participants assess their current position against their original expectations, and their view of the future, identifying perceived barriers and enablers.  In session, they will:

  • Briefly review the role of bias, perceptions et cetera in judgement
  • Apply tools and techniques to critically review their perceptions and beliefs, testing test for biases and truths.
  • The rationale for working onyour personal development as well as in your career
  • A raft of practical strategies and tactics for building and managing a successful career
  • Review the role of bias as an influence in our personal development, challenging what and how we choose to develop who we may choose to support us in the process

Pre-and post-work can be utilized to promote discussions with peers managers. PDT will work with you to develop ways to actively promote discussion and collaboration between those early in career and their peers and managers and can also provide simple tools to support this.

Managers Responsible for those early in Career:

Format: Half day face-to-face workshop or 2 hour facilitated virtual workshop via WebEx with an optional 1 hour follow-up (pre-requisite; minimum bias awareness or e-learning)

This program sets out to provide managers with the skills, tools and techniques to be able to support those who are early in career at Cisco, beginning by exploring the benefits, to the managers themselves, of ensuring that their colleagues are truly included and can perform at their highest level. Participants will explore and test the barriers (such as time) that can prevent such support from being effective, and identify solutions to ensure they are overcome. During the course, the program participants will:

  • Review of potential and/or perceived barriers that those early in career may experience at Cisco
  • Critically review the strategic business risks of “moulding individuals to the Cisco way.”
  • Consider the ‘unwritten rules’ of the organization that may enable some and inhibit others.
  • Utilise tools and techniques, in the context of their responsibility as managers, to enable and support their colleagues in overcoming barriers and challenging bias and ‘unwritten rules’.

Review their own biases and their impact on their role as a mentor and manager

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