“Diversity as important as Sales Data” – but what about Inclusion Data?

It is widely recognized that ‘organizational climate’ is a key factor to team and organizational success. A factor recently endorsed by the work of Google and Harvard University (see ‘high performing teams’ in Learning document).  When we describe true inclusion as ‘creating an environment where everyone can excel’, measuring appropriate changes organizational climate forms an indicator of success.

We are aware that the current CISCO ‘climate’ includes a feeling of ‘over assessment’ and PDT would need to partner with Cisco and your data scientists to comprehensively assess how you are already measuring your organizational climate and how we maximize your existing tools (such as pulse survey, inclusion assessment, Team Space, People Deal), rather than coming up with yet another assessment. We can then work with your team to understand where appropriate data can be extracted from your existing assessments that will provide a fair indication of shifts in the culture towards more inclusive behaviors.

Whilst the environment is key, it is also said that inclusion is creating an environment where everyone can excel to the extent that they are truly able to achieve the organizational or team goals and aims so here again it will be important to use existing data wherever possible to measure appropriate outputs and to establish which business outcomes we look at for each group.   For example, Cisco has historically measured the success of JUMP by looking at promotion rates/ where people have got to vs a control group who have not been put on such a program and this was the key metric.

Whilst Diversity data will of course be one area to look at, it is not sufficient, on its own, to track inclusion & collaboration.  Other data such as retention information would be interesting and should be considered as another indicator.  We would work together to understand what we must look at across the board to provide sufficiently diverse data to give a more accurate indication of the development of inclusion. This would be something done collaboratively between PDT and Cisco.

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