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Managing Bias- This is currently aimed at People Leaders but the content is relevant for anyone within the business. Many other organizations are making sessions like these part of their on-boarding process to accelerate the levels of awareness at all levels of the business.

Leading Inclusively @Cisco or Team Explore are fantastic follow-ons from Managing Bias to take the learnings from MB to a far more practical level and equip people with tips and tools for how to be more inclusive day to day.

Inclusive Leadership Suite of Workshops – these can be tailored to individuals within different levels of the organization. These could be ‘on demand’ or to be deployed when needed most or data-driven (as NGL is). The idea being that we address specific needs within the business.

Leveraging Inclusion to Drive Change –This module aims to equip leaders with the skills, knowledge and approach to create inclusive environments where they can manage change proactively and inclusively. It enables delegates to:

  • Understand what happens to the brain in times of change
  • Recognise our biases in how we interpret the attitudes and responses of others in the context of change.
  • Explore how you can adapt your management style during change
  • Utilise tools to help reframe their own thinking and understand the perspectives of others (understanding how to best deploy effective leadership styles)
  • Identify actions to support more effective and inclusive change.

Managing Stakeholders: This module aims to develop the skills and knowledge to be able to critically assess stakeholder relationships in relation to work place situations, and to be able to develop approaches and attitudes to manage stakeholders inclusively and ensure successful objective outcomes. Participants will be able to:

  • Articulate and engage others in the relationship between inclusive leadership, enhanced stakeholder engagement, successful change management and business success.
  • Apply an inclusive approach to critically assessing the objectives, drivers and perspectives of stakeholders in the context of creating inclusive environments to enhance outcomes
  • Assess their individual capacity to enhance or diminish stakeholder relationships and use this to inform strategies to develop strong inclusive environments
  • Identify and plan critical steps, adopting inclusive approaches to, maximise stakeholder engagement and build inclusive environments

Leadership Commitment to Inclusion: (see People Leaders Section)

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