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Leading Inclusively @Cisco – an interactive workshop developed between PDT and Cisco.

Cisco has already moved some way to developing its own competency framework for inclusive leadership, both within the ‘I & C Principles: Paths to Action’, and also reflected within the ‘People Deal’.  The brief outline below describes a short program (2 hours) that incorporates an inclusive leadership model/framework as a benchmark and catalyst for the development of charters and commitments to action.  PDT will work with you to agree both appropriate content of the session and the framework that can be used.  We believe that it’s important, wherever appropriate, to leverage existing Cisco frameworks. We have also included (Appendix 1) a brief overview of PDT’s inclusive leadership model and an initial assessment of the overlap with I & C Principles (Appendix 2).

PDTs ‘Leadrship Commitment to Inclusion’

Format: 2 hours webex with pre and post work

This program brings together many aspects of inclusive leadership, personalizing it with a strong individual commitment to inclusive leadership.  Participants use PDT’s Inclusive Leadership model within the context of current business strategy, to self-assess and to create Leadership Charters with commitments to lead and build inclusive environments.  Leaders also identify how they will communicate the value and importance of inclusion to the business and their teams.  Participants will be able to:

  • Review leadership behaviors and Inclusive Leadership Charters to build and sustain the organizational inclusion culture.
  • Analyze and review inclusive leadership behaviors, identify and plan for areas that require further personal development.
  • Formulate a Personal Inclusive Leadership Charter in the context of current organizational strategy
  • Effectively communicate the value and importance of inclusion to the business and their teams

Strategic Acumen

The purpose of this programme is to develop participants’ strategic decision-making skills and confidence through the use and application of known tools. With networking opportunities and cross-business insight, participants develop the expertise to support their strategic decisions and business contributions.

Format: Four facilitated virtual workshops (4×2 hours) via WebEx

For senior leaders, a key skill is the ability to think and act strategically. Those deemed not able to do that, or those who perceive strategy as an inherent trait rather than a skill, may be reluctant to contribute to decision-making. Across the four virtual workshops, we develop the skills to support strategic thinking and decision-making through experiential learning and practice. Participants use and apply known strategic tools in each of the sessions, enabling them to test and examine their own organization’s approach to goals and strategic ambitions.

The structure of the program enables insightful understanding of the opportunities and challenges that faced by other parts of the organization and encourages networking growth across the broader organization. Overall the strategic acumen program enables individuals to converse and contribute at a more practical and deeper level. Themes covered overall:

  • How to think like a strategist
  • Use of proven strategic thinking tools to make robust decisions
  • Environmental analysis and external influence
  • Competitor analysis – present and future
  • internal capability analysis
  • a structured approach to utilizing analysis to formulate action

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