Teams @ the Heart of Cisco

The creation of the LTI division and the rollout of Team Space is reflective of a fundamental shift within Cisco that focuses on the importance of teams.

Team Explore – This session takes the insights gained from Managing Bias to a more practical level and is designed for intact teams. In this 90 minute – 2 hour session (run virtually or face to face), we look at where bias is damaging the team (and therefore the business). We then pick one key area, chosen by the team and take a deep-dive into the cost to the business, how each team member can individually help reduce the impact of this specific bias, and then lastly what they as a team can commit to, to mitigate against this risk and be a more inclusive and collaborative team. It leads to more inclusive and often more high performing teams

High Performing Teams – As shown in the recent study from Google and Harvard, determining what makes a team ‘high performing’ is no easy feat. Google and Harvard found that creating a ‘psychologically safe’ place was the key element that enabled high performance. Essentially high performing teams are truly inclusive. PDT offers two approaches:

Building High Performance through Inclusion

Format: half day face-to-face workshop or 2×2 hour facilitated virtual workshop via WebEx
(pre-requisite; minimum bias awareness or e-learning) There is pre work for this session and expectation that actions will be followed through.

With a strong focus on the inclusive attributes of high performing teams the program utilizes an inclusion focused team self-assessment as the catalyst for discussion and debate.  The program is carefully designed to facilitate the ‘psychologically safe space’ for the team to discuss the outcomes and their perceptions of the team its strengths and the barriers to inclusion and success.   In the process the team will:

  • Complete and critically review their team self-assessment through facilitated debate and discussion
  • Identify team strengths and enablers of success
  • Critically review barriers to success and aspects of the team culture that may be inhibiting performance
  • Agree team actions (A team charter) to enable an inclusive approach toward optimum performance

Inclusive Behaviors

Format: 2-4 hour Face to Face or 2×2 hour facilitated virtual workshop via WebEx

This approach utilises the DISC model (as seen in JUMP and DARE) to look at two areas where the team may be excluding difference. The first displays a representation of the team – enabling us to explore who the resilient group are and how they are privileged. The second goes deeper to look at the fear that drives our behavior and how this may be serving certain people in the team less well than others. Frank and honest conversations are had in a safe environment to enable inclusion to develop faster.  Suitable for remote, new and established intact teams of up to 20. Participants will be able to:

  • Apply understanding to identify when their behavior is excluding others and take steps to lessen unconscious impacts that are a result of their own natural style
  • Use DISC as a catalyst for creating open frank conversations that are inclusive and not simply ‘nice’ and so improve inclusive team practices and the effectiveness of working relationships
  • Model inclusive team behaviors and support others, through robust conversations, to manage bias and increase peer/employee engagement
  • Manage the effective inclusion of new team members by ensuring an inclusive environment where individual talent is recognized and can excel
  • Identify future ‘bias risks’ and execute actions created to mitigate/reduce bias and promote inclusion

Pre work: Each delegate completes a 10-minute online analysis and receives a 1 hour virtual feedback session with one of our specialist coaches.

Team Space Support

Format: 30- 45 min facilitated virtual workshop via WebEx utilizing video and video graphic clips and group discussion. Pre-requisite:  unconscious bias awareness or e-learning.

To leverage the success of Team Space, we have to acknowledge that all three phases of Team Space; Check-ins, Engagement Pulse, and Performance Snapshot, involve interactions between human beings and are therefore susceptible to bias – we call these ‘inclusion pinch points’.  We can work with you to craft a 30-45 minute workshop for the leaders of each team that will look realistically at the ‘inclusion pinch points’ and offer practical solutions to ensure an inclusive approach that maximizes the benefits of Team Space for all concerned & Cisco can achieve ‘dynamic teaming’. Key elements of a program may cover:

  • Review of potential bias risks and ‘inclusion pinch points’ in the process
  • How these may present themselves and the risks to each of the three phases
  • Address how to ensure Team Space is leveraged inclusively
  • Tips and/or check list

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