Practical Tools and Embedding

As discussed it’s vital that PDT partners with you to leverage all your existing tools, surveys, and embedding techniques rather than re-inventing the wheel. This includes things like your Pulse Survey, The People Deal Employee Experience Checklist (and training/support), Team Space and much more. The key to embedding inclusion is making it ‘business as usual’ and making it integral to many facets of your organizational processes and practices.

In addition to your existing tools, one practical tool we have found works well is our Manager’s Guide (See below). This can be a tool that simply sits on your LMS/Intranet or it can be as dynamic as you want it to be. Other clients utilise videos or short WebEx sessions to leverage this more interactively.

Manager’s Guide

Bias and inclusion can be sensitive topics and it is important to provide team leaders with the resources and guidance to cascade their learning to their team with confidence. As such, PDT has developed a ‘ready now’ Manager’s Guide that builds upon our technology enabled interactive experience with a step by step guide for facilitating discussions with their teams as well as reducing bias in their own practice.

Our Manager’s Guide is designed to support team leaders to:

  • Lead discussions about bias and inclusion within their teams
  • Cascade learning and translate D&I and inclusive leadership awareness into practical application
  • Drive inclusivity in all areas of their management practice
  • Inspire their team members in reducing bias in their everyday decisions and behaviors
  • Establish actions and check-ins for their teams as a whole and the team members.

It then provides team leaders with the resources to hold focused management discussions that support bias reduction in a variety of areas which can include:

  • Talent management and development
  • The hiring and sourcing process
  • Workplace selection (selection for projects, promotion and work opportunities)
  • Team meetings

Each section of the Manager’s Guide provides ‘Discussion Themes’ supported by slides and notes to enable team leaders to customize discussions to local contexts and calls to action. For example:

  • Emphasize the purpose and benefit for your team and organization
  • Bring the content to life – using real examples to promote discussion
  • Relate discussions to the roles of the team
  • Call to action – ensure actions are created that are sustained and show behavioral change.

We recommend that the Manager’s Guide is customized to take into account your leadership and management development portfolio, talent programs and tools, manager accountabilities and employee life cycle processes. Your social media platform should also be used to cascade information and facilitate conversations. We can send over a sample of the Guide if this is beneficial.

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