Flexible Delivery

Our ability to reach across organisations and geographical areas is powered by our agile and flexible delivery methods. Our standard programmes can be tailored to your needs or totally bespoke workshops can be designed for you. Each client journey is different and each combination of delivery methods, enhanced by embedding tools, is geared to your needs.

Virtual Training Room (WebEx)

Award winning, audio interactive, live training delivered simultaneously to thousands of employees at their desk in any part of the globe.

  • Award winning WebEx technology
  • Live training
  • Brings together thousands of employees delivering consistent messages
  • Global reach
  • From your telephone and PC, no external travel costs and less time away from the desk
  • Cost effective way to deliver a simultaneous message
  • Bespoke and tailored solutions
  • Global teams strategically based



A cost effective and powerful solution designed for you and your organisation as either an off the shelf or for greater impact a bespoke tailored version.

  • Cost effective
  • Fast delivery
  • Guarantees consistent message delivery
  • Accessible and updateable learning



Embedding ensures that the initial training results in lasting cultural change. The specific methods we use vary by organisation but the long-term goal is to encourage discussion, share good practice and ensure that the learning methods are properly embedded in the company culture, thus driving a tangible shift towards inclusion. Methods include:

  • Chat and social networking programmes
  • Blogs, vlogs, podcasts, film clips, interactive games and simulations
  • Short emails and documents to encourage key talking points after the training

Face to Face

Globally available trainers who are able to deliver an engaging, impactful, highly interactive inclusion programme in person from two hours to two days.

  • Personal attention from the trainer
  • Personal interaction with other delegates
  • Reduces assumptions
  • For 16-30 delegates
  • From two hours to two days
  • Powerful team building exercise

Events & Conferences

Dynamic, powerful, interactive and strategic presentations or workshops to challenge, engage, motivate and inspire your business in the area of inclusion.

  • Cost effective option for numbers in excess of 150
  • Dynamic and powerful personal delivery
  • Interaction with the trainer
  • Tailored to the audience

Retreats & Off-sites

By taking time away from the day to day business, delegates have the time for a detailed look into what inclusion and bias can really mean to you and your organisation.

  • More personal feedback and coaching for a small number of delegates
  • Close interaction and learning between the delegates
  • Bespoke focus on the delegates and business requirements
  • Allows for individual feedback