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PDT Global offers great short micro-learning experiences, animated and live action interactive videos for lots of inclusion issues and digital publications including one for leaders to have conversations. Upcoming innovative learning events such as virtual reality submersions and simulation suites are also available.


Enthuse: We know that there is nothing worse than wasting your work day doing something that won’t add value and yet 41% of employee time is already spent on things that do not help them get work done*. Our learning technologies are designed with the learner in mind. We create digital experiences that will enthuse employees from the very beginning and make a difference long into the future.

Engage: Our content needs to bring the inclusion agenda to life. We aren’t telling people what to do, we are showing them the potential of who they could be, by engaging hearts and minds and resonating with employees on a personal level.

Enlighten: We like to imagine, tiny little switched on lightbulbs appearing over our participants heads on completion of their learning experience.  Our digital touch points can work as stand-alone insights, as well as pre, or post-work embedding resources. Whatever the context for our products, our aim is always employee effectiveness, empowerment and of course enlightenment.