How Blended Learning Can Drive Inclusion (Free Guide)

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The challenges and problems that organisations face nowadays are often due to there being a gap between their current situations and where they want to be; whether that’s in terms of increasing income, achieving a specific goal through a cultural shift, or remedying behaviours that are impacting upon staff’s daily work.

Very often, this gap between perception and reality is caused by something deep and fundamental in the company culture – something that may not be readily apparent to those working there. Creating an inclusive culture is no simple task. Helping an organisation create an environment where all may bring every aspect of themselves to work, without fear or judgement, fear of career limiting practices, and with a deep belief that their contributions can, and will, be heard is what we do. Put simply, we help organisations to develop employees at all levels, often globally and usually in their many thousands to understand and reflect upon themselves, their reaction and otherness, and give them the tools to connect with others without seeking sameness.

Many organisations view this as an expensive luxury with unpredictable outcomes. As a result, the kind of training that embeds genuine, lasting change is overlooked in favour of short-term solutions that don’t get to the root of the problem.

PDT Global’s Blended Learning guide has been specially written to help you and your organisation avoid falling into this trap…

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Blended Learning - Inclusion