Inclusion as a Strategic Driver

For any diversity initiative to achieve a positive impact on the business bottom line, it is critical to have demonstrated support and commitment at the top levels of leadership. This workshop equips C-Suite Executives and Senior Managers with the practical cultural competency skills to function as inclusive leaders who leverage the benefits of diversity and inclusion throughout the company.

About this workshop

The methodology for this session will be fast paced, interactive, engaging, decision shaping and business relevant. Small group and large group discussions will keep the energy high and videos will bring new insights and learning. .

By the end of the course attendees will:

  • Identify the importance of the Executive’s role in the diversity & inclusion process.
  • Understand the benefits of diversity & inclusion as a strategic approach to meeting workplace goals.
  • Develop actions for the organisation’s inclusion journey.

Why PDT Global?

The leadership at PDT has decades of experience and award-winning subject matter experts delivering the diversity & training solutions companies need to reduce their risk and increase their success.

  • Many of our clients have won diversity & inclusion awards
  • Our trainers are recognised for their ability to link diversity & inclusion with high performance, business objectives
  • Bespoke content – We understand that no two clients are exactly alike and adapt to different organisational cultures and demands.