Line Managers at all levels generally understand it is part of their role to select and then get the best out of their people. Many will say they focus on this already and take considered steps to ensure they are being fair and supportive. Taking an inclusive approach is about recognising that even when we set out to be ‘fair and supportive’, our unconscious thinking can undermine our intent. Managers therefore need to adopt a more informed and intentional approach to gain the edge in how they drive results through their people. This programme provides that edge.


Outcomes are for line managers to:


The content for these sessions covers four key areas which may be delivered in a two-hour workshop, or spread across two x two hour webinars over a period of defined time to allow thought and observation between awareness and practical action.


As always, we work with you ahead of the sessions to decide where to put the emphasis, especially when time is more restricted and content must be adapted according to your priorities.


Module 1 – The Business case for Inclusion

Here we explore the strategic reasons why inclusion is important to the business. We also make the connection between inclusion and diversity. Line managers need to understand that if they fail to create inclusion in their teams it will impact on their ability to achieve their objectives.


If more time is available this section includes an exercise that has participants consider the risk to their objectives if they do not create inclusion within their teams. We work with their own specific objectives so they can make the link. Optional post-work provides an exercise for participants to create their own narrative for inclusion, so they are fully prepared to talk to others about it.


Module 2 – Unconscious Bias awareness

If participants are new to the topic, then UB awareness will likely be a key focus for the session. We cover the nature and prevalence of unconscious bias; the neuroscience; types of bias; and the impact from a personal and a business perspective.


If some work on awareness has been done before (e.g. a previous programme or e-learning module), this section serves as a refresher to ensure the key messages are understood. We typically do this via means of a poll or quiz.


Module 3 – Exploration of the impact of non-inclusion in workplace contexts


We have a variety of formats to explore the impacts of bias and non-inclusion:




Module 4 – Action Planning

Various formats are available and a suitable one is selected depending on depth required and time available.


Clients may wish to collect and share examples of individual actions as inspiration for others across the business.