Inclusive Leadership

Build inclusive cultures and dynamic teams - delivered as interactive, virtual training or face-to-face session

Inclusive Leadership Programme

Our highly effective Inclusive Leadership Programme consists of 10 modules which can be run individually or together as a three day leadership programme, a team event or a strategic off-site event for your Senior Management Team.

Most of the modules are delivered either through our highly engaging, live, interactive webinar or in a face to face session. The majority of our programmes can also be extended to a more in-depth one day workshop allowing for deeper discussions and reflection time where necessary.

The modules can be combined or tailored to give a successful, fun and intense experience, while practically helping to create an inclusive environment in your workplace.

See each inclusive leadership training module below (expand for more info).

  • Introducing Inclusion
  • Discovering Inclusion & Bias

    Research indicates that effective leaders/organisations are those who build open, dynamic and collaborative teams.  Expanding organisations in the global markets need to create the environment where all people can flourish, which sometimes can be difficult to achieve.

    To be leaders in the twenty-first century we need to remove the restrictions in our minds. At PDT we review the concept of inclusion, the way our minds work to include or exclude and we demonstrate this through exploring how our brains work.  Applying this to your team will unlock their abilities to develop a diverse organisation that has impact and is clear about being open at every level.


    Participants will be able to:

    • Engage others in recognising the environmental drivers and beliefs to build inclusive practice.
    • Critically review their current process and create clear personal actions to develop a twenty-first century inclusive leadership approach.
    • Develop conscious awareness of personal biases.
    • Assess organisational norms in order to highlight exclusive practice and identify behaviours to create inclusive environments.
    • Apply tools and techniques to support the implementation of identified actions and the ongoing development of inclusive practices and environments.

    Who is this for?

    First line managers, through to leaders (with teams) at any level in the organisation.

  • Inclusive Behaviours
  • Reducing Bias
  • Coaching for Bias Reduction
  • Inclusion Driving Effective Change
  • Creating Inclusion through Stakeholders
  • Ensuring Sustained Commitment to Inclusion
  • Leadership Commitment to Inclusion
  • Creating Inclusive Cultures