Whether you see today’s changing world as relentless, constant, opportunistic or as some describe it “exponential”, the pace and degree of changes in today’s workplace requires leaders to refocus their approach. Now, more than ever, the role of the 21st-century leader is fundamental to the success of organisational change, staff engagement and productivity and the bottom line.

Over 90 minutes, this workshop will engage leaders in:

  1. the true value and importance of their role as agents for change
  2. key principles and actions to support successful outcomes (and to make that role easier)
  3. recognition of what they need to change in themselves (to make role easier)


The aim is to equip participants with the knowledge, tools and confidence to take a positive 21st-century leadership approach to current and future change at XXXX. An approach where they will need to be accountable for their own behaviours, attitudes and responses to others, where they will need to be bold and decisive in managing the behaviours of others in order to ensure that the outcomes of change are excellent and highly productive.

Key themes:


The session will engage leaders in taking this forward positively as ambassadors for a change culture, offer opportunity for supportive discussion, utilize the latest research and incorporate and embed XXXX behaviours.