UPCOMING WEBINAR – Changing the Conversation – Driving the Strategic Link Between Inclusion, Innovation and Business Results

Date: 14 March 2018
Time: 11:00 AM (ET)
Cost: FREE

We all set out to build diversity and inclusion programs with the best intentions – but often neglect to make a clear connection to business strategy – especially with hard-driving business leaders focused on results.  This is where innovation comes in.  There is definitely a link between diversity and inclusion, innovation and business results.


Join Angela Peacock as she dives deeper into the topic of inclusion and explores the innovation concepts and inclusive mindsets that bring them to life.  When innovation and inclusion intersect, you can expect improved performance and unprecedented business results.

Join this webinar and learn about: 

  • The synergistic power of inclusion and innovation initiatives to achieve stronger business results
  • The shift that is leading to an emergent need for new definitions around diversity and inclusion
  • The key drivers that should be used to measure the impact of inclusion
  • Conversation starters to engage stakeholders in a different conversation about inclusion and innovation

You can register for this exciting event here.



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