Assessments & Audits

Assessing the level of inclusive behaviour in your organisation or with an individual manager is made easier with our simple to use 360° on line tool.

Exploring inclusive behaviours in seven specific areas from “talking and promoting inclusion” to the critical “believes in creating an inclusive workplace”. This tool delivers a comprehensive feedback report which can guide an individual to where their areas for development may lie and what they need to do to increase their own inclusive approach to management.

If our standard tool is not complex enough or you need to discover more about specific regional or local inclusion issues, we can design one specifically for you based on our existing frameworks.

Exploring a specific team and their bias towards one another’s behaviours and working styles is a great way to introduce inclusion. Here we use Thomas Disc profiling to demonstrate how in seeking to protect ourselves we can exclude others. Once the online assessment is complete one to one feedback is given and the team map created clearly shows any propensity to “hire in their own image”.

By conducting one of our audits, organisations can understand whereabouts they are in their inclusion journey and what their requirements should be to move forward both as individuals and the business as a whole forwards. The results of the audit can also be a critical step for helping to identify KPI’s and therefore success criteria and ROI for your inclusion training.

Recognising that change needs to be positively influenced at multiple levels, these options help to take into account the need for synergy and congruency at all levels to embed an inclusive environment.