The key to getting the greatest possible value out of any form of training and justifying the initial investment is if it results in a genuine personal and cultural shift. It is all about initiating a fundamental change in beliefs and perceptions, which isn’t going to happen overnight.

That’s why our embedding options bring in virtual learning tools to ensure delegates are properly supported after the initial training programme. This could include chat and social networking programmes where staff can share and discuss the things they’ve learnt, E-learning courses and recorded webinars that allow staff to continue their studies independently, in their own time, as well as things like blogs, vlogs, podcasts, film clips and even interactive games and simulations. We can also provide short emails and documents that are distributed throughout their organisation to encourage discussion about the training’s key talking points.

The specific tools we provide will vary from organisation to organisation, but are all intended to ensure that training results in lasting cultural change as opposed to short-term solutions. The long-term goal is to encourage discussion, share good practice and ensure that the learning methods are properly embedded in the company culture, thus driving a tangible shift towards inclusion.