Leadership that Supports the Progression of Women (Free Guide)

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Who is this guide for?

This guide has been designed for Leaders and Managers in organisations that want to progress more women through their pipeline into senior roles. It outlines four key areas in which you can challenge your own perceptions and adapt your personal management style to be more inclusive in how you recognise and develop talent.

In compiling this guide we have held up some male and female stereotypes, which you may or may not agree with. Notice your reaction to them. Ask yourself, which of the traits do you identify with personally? Which do you not? If it is unhelpful for you to think about this exclusively in terms of gender, you may want to think about it in terms of ‘privileged’ and ‘non-privileged’ groups, where the ‘privileged’ group includes those currently in leadership roles.

How to use the guide

As you work through the guide, keep an open mind. It is human nature to read through and notice the things we are already doing well. We may even silently congratulate ourselves for this. It takes more intention and deliberation to pick up on the things we’re not doing, even if there’s just one. That could be the one that makes the difference.

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Supporting the Progression of Women