Taxi driver in Washington

So I just optimale landed into Washington Dulles and was met by a driver holding a sign. He was short, bald, around 60 and wearing a flat cap (Eastern European)

He then spent ages explaining how he went back to get sign so I would find him (not bright – why would you come with no sign).

Asks about Rate my flight (not bright, only job he can do. Better tip well, poor old man)

Spent ages telling me about the water and mints being in the rear of Inclusion the car for me (he sees me as superior. Could really do without listening to unintelligent chit-chat tonight).

He asks where I am from. I tell him. I remember my wise friend Salma who always talks to cab drivers about their lives/family/heritage. Reciprocate still under duress (Poland, Estonia).

He tells me he came to the US from Afghanistan 25 years ago and people always mistake his accent for Eastern Europe. (Interesting heritage but still not wholesale nfl jerseys bright – could not possibly ask the things I would want to of any bright person).

But he tells me he is a published author and that following his MBA Firemonkey two years wholesale nba jerseys ago he wrote his first book. a A History of the Russian wars in Afghanistan. (My goodness – surprised – an author. I can discuss anything – I can debate and share my work – I can discover details about a place I have never been. I can add to my knowledge. I can share discussions freely. Great)

I lean cheap nfl jerseys forward in the cab and we discuss, debate and share theories and ideas for the next 20 minutes. (How admirable. What an amazing man).

I order his book the second I get service.

I am one of the leading voices in creating inclusion globally. I fly the world talking ошибки about bias and yet how many did you spot? What are you stories?