Diversity & Inclusion in Technology – Top 5 Megatrends (Free Guide)

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Companies in the technology sector are under continued pressure to diversify their workforce. Since some of the big tech companies began releasing their diversity statistics in 2014 Silicon Valley’s biggest players have made a conscious effort to reduce workplace bias and make their companies – and in-turn the industry as a whole – more inclusive. Some companies have focused on improving the pipeline, while others are working harder on retention. Others see the recruitment process as the issue by trying to eliminate bias every step of the way.

So where should the focus be placed? And what can you do to help?

Having worked with some of technologies largest, most inspirational companies we have used our expertise and high profile relationships to bring you the Top 5 Megatrends we are seeing across the tech sector – for 2016 so far!

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Top 5 Diversity and Inclusion Megatrends