Our award winning training makes a tangible difference to inclusion agendas and keeps focused on business outcomes.

What drives our unique ability to do this is a combination of:

  • Trainers who can challenge, bring humour, ensure safety, prick consciences and create a safe space where people open up to what they truly think, rather than simply share what they think they should. Each trainer is selected for their understanding of organisational goals and their ability to share deep science, practical application and common sense often in short programmes.


  • Instructional designers who are experts in ensuring a message works through all our delivery mechanisms. From a top level conference session to a powerful two hour WebEx session delivered to thousands, they design activities and inputs that fully engage from the moment the learner enters ‘the room’. Our reputation for practical application and making it real is well deserved.
  • Innovative embedding means that no workshop or training session needs to stand, alone. From basic e-learning to imaginative scenario based e-learning, through film clips and video tiles; we ensure that nothing we do is seen as a one hit solution.


  • Global knowledge and trainers located in strategic geographic areas not only builds our ability to ensure cultural nuance, it is driven by it. Whilst many inclusion messages are universal, as is the science behind unconscious bias, it is in our understanding of the geographical and cultural differences that means we deliver results.

Our training programmes focus on 4 core areas