A suite of programmes designed to help identify who the resilient groups are in the organisation.

The predominant group in any organisation is also the resilient one and those that fall outside of this group can suffer from a lack of consideration, permission, development and often unseen micro aggressions. In order to ensure resilience across the organisation, we offer a suite of programmes from our advanced VIVE to simple two hour modules that use positive psychology to build organisational resilience.

  • VIVE
  • Resilience – A Personal and Business Essential

    Using the Positive Resilience method delegates will take part in a dynamic learning experience that delivers key messages and awareness in four areas: spiritual, moral, social relational and cognitive. The programme then takes a deeper look at the two that are most resonant for the delegates.


    • Understand how we can build resilience in ourselves and others
    • Develop positive intention and enhanced peer relationships
    • Recognise and take control of your internal drivers


    For Senior Leaders.

  • Wellbeing & Mindfulness
  • Happiness – how to create a sustained positive state of mind