Women’s Leadership

Diverse, inclusive senior management leads to increased retention, better decision making and greater creativity.

Women's leadership

Organisations with a balanced representation of women and men in senior management report increased engagement & retention, better decision making, improved problem solving and greater creativity & innovation. This in turn leads to enhanced results and competitive advantage. For many organisations, development of the female talent pipeline is a key strategic priority.

Targeted development of female leaders & future leaders can be an important component to help your talented women progress. Businesses that have implemented our programmes cite an increased ability to attract female talent, as well as better rates of promotion amongst women.

Our dynamic Accelerate programme addresses women at all levels in the pipeline, from senior & middle managers, through first line managers, to graduates and juniors starting out. Our interactive, modular approach gives you flexibility to select relevant content for your specific outcomes. So, whether you’re looking for impact & influence for those starting out, career management for first line managers, or authentic leadership with vulnerability for those at a senior level, we can support your needs with any combination thereof.

Choose from 10 modules delivered in a variety of media, from face-to-face workshops to interactive video conferences. Build an impactful programme that can range from six days of face-to-face workshops spread over a six-month period, to a 2-hour intervention.

We invite you to take a deeper dive on each of the modules below and contact us to discuss how to create a programme that suits your audience, outcomes and budget.

Managers Supporting the Progression of Women

Managers have a crucial role in creating the conditions for talented women to succeed. To complement your gender initiative, our modules for male and female Managers address how to support directs who are participating in Accelerate, and how to support the progression of women more generally.

  • DARE to Develop

    Whilst DARE to Achieve focuses on the development of the senior females in your business, in order to ensure an on-going pipeline of female talent progression, the DARE to Develop programme works with junior to mid-management females to consider their career development at an earlier stage. Looking at Authenticity, Career Development and Excellence the programme has been designed to provide practical guidance on how to increase confidence, self-branding and networking.

    This includes an analysis of natural style and looks at practical tips for networking in the organisation, increasing confidence and how to increase self-promotion without compromising authenticity.

    “This is some of the best training you could have – looking inside yourself and being aware of how you are perceived by others is invaluable in the pursuit of becoming a great leader.” Senior Female Manager from a leading Global Insurance Company


    Participants will be able to:

    • Understand what is ‘brand you’ and how to increase self-promotion
    • Recognise and capitalise on career opportunities
    • Use a mentoring relationship to good effect
    • Create a career roadmap to assess future connections
    • Use practical tips for networking within the organisation

    Who is it for?

    Junior to mid level female managers who have been recognised as having future potential in the organisation. Likely to be at the earlier stage of their career and wanting to learn more about how to self-promote and increase confidence within the workplace.

  • DARE to Achieve
  • Your Career, Your Way
  • Strategic Networking
  • Myths of Politics and Power
  • The Power of Vulnerability
  • Resilience and Wellbeing
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Enhanced Personal Influence
  • Impact and Influence
  • Perception Deception
  • Unconscious Bias (UB)
  • Strategic Acumen