Practical Tips for Reducing Unconscious Bias (Free Guide)

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What is Unconscious Bias?

Unconscious bias is the term used to define the concept that individuals have preferences for objects and people at a subconscious level that unintentionally influence both behaviour and decision making.

As human beings we are continually processing vast amounts of information and to simplify this, our brains categorise the world around us. This automatic processing enables us to know what to expect and how to react around certain objects. It also means we automatically categorise other human beings.

Our practical guide ‘Managing Unconscious Bias’ explores a number of methods and approaches to help you become more aware of both your own and your organisational biases. Our helpful hints and tips will enable you to begin to recognise the places where bias runs to hide, together with some early steps to manage and mitigate its impact.

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Managing Unconscious Bias - Free Guide