This deeply impactful and thought proving exercise has teams look at where bias is lurking in some of the often well-intentioned actions that impact adversely on the working environment and careers at XXXX

Participants work in table groups moving between three scenarios enabling each group to view and experience thoughts from other delegates, delve more deeply into where the issues are impacting and finally move into mitigation and practical actions to address.

The Exercise

With delegates seated at tables of circa 10, the room is split into groups of three tables each. Participants will move between these three tables throughout the three rounds with 15 minutes at each round.

The facilitator will introduce the session, refer briefly back to some of the key tools and techniques presented during the earlier awareness session.

The sessions work well using paper tablecloths where each group captures the discussion points and continues the theme at the next table. Equally, exercise sheets can be used.


Round One – The Unwritten Rules

What unwritten rules do you recognise where you work?

What biases do you think underpin them?


Round Two – Delving Deeper

Choose one situation from your discussions.

What impact do the identified biases / unwritten rules have?


Round 3 – Make it Real

What can you do differently, individually and collectively, to address the undesirable effects in your chosen scenario? This section may be framed in the overall context of your 2020 D&I strategy and roadmap.




Examples of Unwritten Rules

There follows a few examples of the sorts of unwritten rules that we have seen exist in businesses to illustrate potential scenarios.