Virtual Interactive Drama

A training delivery style that uses an engaging, virtual-based platform – bringing live drama experiences to participants – who are not in the same location. Participants view and react to the scenarios in real time, making the experience highly interactive and participative.

About this workshop

Trainers run these classes as they would a face-to-face role-play session. However, instead of role playing in the same room, a video is played depicting your organisation’s custom scenario. After the video, virtual participants are encouraged to engage with the actors from the video – who are live in the virtual session.

Programme Benefits:

The leadership at PDT has decades of experience and award-winning subject matter experts delivering the inclusion training solutions.

  • Improved integration of traditional face-to-face training with virtual worlds – delegates engage and interact with characters
    directly in a live situation
  • Powerful opportunity to discuss inclusion/exclusion behaviours in a safe yet challenging way where delegates
    and actors use a “forum” technique to consider alternative responses
  • Two delivery options based on your unique requirements:
    a) video scenario with the same live actors present for discussion and reenactment with a better approach
    b) video scenario with a facilitated discussion and in-depth video that show a re-enactment.

Why PDT Global?

The leadership at PDT has decades of experience and award-winning subject matter experts delivering the diversity & training solutions companies need to reduce their risk and increase their success.

  • Many of our clients have won diversity & inclusion awards
  • Our trainers are recognised for their ability to link diversity & inclusion with high performance, business objectives
  • Bespoke content – We understand that no two clients are exactly alike and adapt to different organisational cultures and demands.