What is Unconscious Bias? Watch Angela Peacock present to packed crowd at the Dive In Festival

Unconscious Bias

What is Unconscious Bias? Angela Peacock presents to packed crowd at the Dive In Festival (VIDEO)

Our co-founder, Angela Peacock, was invited to present at the inaugural diversity and inclusion festival, Dive In, last year. In her rousing presentation Angela highlighted the importance of dealing with unconscious bias – those hidden biases that tick away at your subconscious! Scroll down to watch the three videos from the event.

“We no longer, in the 21st century, can rely on what we believe we know – because what we ‘know’ is haunted by our old beliefs and systems…the assumptions we make about another human being will let us down.”
“We are still having the same conversations in this profession that we had 20 years ago – and until we are prepared to look at what lies beneath we are going to be having the same conversations in 20 years’ time.”

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