Support Your Directs to Maximise Their Participation in Your Women’s Leadership Programme

A 60-minute WebEx workshop for Managers of those attending Accelerate, PDT’s Women’s Leadership Programme

support-directsWomen who attend female-only leadership programmes typically do so with a mixture of excitement and trepidation. Whilst most acknowledge that time spent on them and their career will help them develop the skills, confidence, attitude and belief to progress, they also recognise it’s not just down to them. There is a responsibility from the sponsoring organisation to create the conditions in which these talented women can succeed. One of the biggest influencers in this respect is the woman’s line manager.

At PDT we have discovered that women are most successful following their participation in our development programmes when their manager is engaged and proactively supportive. This 60-minute WebEx session shares powerful information and tips to equip you to fully support your direct(s) as they embark on this important step.

We will cover:

  • *Refresh of the business case for supporting the progression of women
  • Perceptions and myths about differences between men and women
  • *Programme overview
  • Practical ways to support your direct(s) before, during and after the programme
  • Personal commitments for intentional action

*Items tailored to the sponsoring organisation