9 Levers to pull if you’re serious about Inclusion2021-10-30T18:22:09+00:00

9 Levers to pull if you’re serious about Inclusion


At the current rate of progress with inclusion, it won’t be our daughters who stand the same chance as our sons of being the next CEOs. It won’t even be our granddaughters, it will be our great-granddaughters who finally stand the same chance as our great-grandsons and then only if they are Caucasian and heterosexual otherwise it will take another generation.

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Inclusion is a crucial differentiator for companies. It was back in 2004 that research first proved that, if you had more than 32 percent of women in the top three layers of your organization, you would have better financial results. And McKinsey has estimated that closing the gender gap alone would add $28 trillion to the value of the global economy by 2025—a 26 percent increase. But figures like that have made little difference.

There are many inclusion “levers” we talk about implementing. But they all have to be implemented—and at the same time. You can’t be a little bit pregnant—just like you can’t do a little bit of inclusion. You’re either doing this work and pulling the levers or you’re playing at it.

In this workshop Angie Peacock will take attendees through each of the levers, share insight, examples and experience – and enable discussion and questioning around how they can be made to work for their own organisation.