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Influence is power. No matter who you are, where you work, or what your professional goals are, achieving more influence in the workplace is critical for success. Gaining influence in a team can help you work together more effectively. Gaining influence in a supervisory position can make you more respected and appreciated. Gaining influence in a meeting can make your voice more likely to be heard and acknowledged.


Complexity, globalisation, matrix organisations, cross-functional projects, partnerships, and virtual teams all mean getting things done with more people both inside and outside the organisation. The challenge is achieving your goals when they require the support, buy-in, and agreement of others you likely have no authority over.

The solution is the power of influence. Influence is the ability to have a positive impact on the decisions, actions, and opinions of others. It means persuading and motivating people to willingly take action. Even if you have authority or positional power, you will be more successful if you learn how to use the power of influence to interact with others in the workplace.

Explore the essential competencies of successful influencers in this course. Get tips and learn techniques to master competencies while using opportunities to practice and apply them to case studies and your own situations.

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