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These days everyone with a LinkedIn account – which means pretty much everyone – is a self-proclaimed expert, thought leader, trendsetter, or influencer.

If you’re like most people, self-promotion does not come easily.  PDT has observed that women are especially hesitant to advocate for themselves. That being said, women have no issue whatsoever promoting their friends and colleagues. One could conclude from this that they know how to do it, but they shy away from doing so on their own behalf. In fact, they avoid it like the plague, and that has serious consequences to their career advancement.


Are you tired of watching other workers advance their careers as you continue to exceed all expectations, without receiving a promotion, in your current position? Successful workers create their own path to promotion; they don’t rely on luck. Assuming that you are bright, capable, and contributing, self-promotion is the additional key you need to tap into for your career success.

People who fail to display ‘obvious’ traits of credibility and impact may fail to progress, regardless of their competence or talent. A common challenge, particularly amongst junior levels in the workforce, is the ability to demonstrate credibility and make a greater impact on others.

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