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Some experts are convinced that unconscious bias is a key reason why women have yet to reach true workplace parity. PDT explains that unconscious biases are part of everyone, often shaped over many years through education, culture and experience.


Understand how others’ hidden perceptions can unintentionally disadvantage you; and how to mitigate the effects.

It is now widely accepted that, as well as having diversity, inclusive environments are needed to enable effective co-working that leverage the benefits of difference. Unconscious bias gets in the way of inclusion and has been shown to hamper the progression of women (as well as others in so-called ‘minority’ groups) in the workplace.

This session helps participants understand UB and its impact, and shares practical actions for taking a more inclusive approach and for mitigating the effects of bias unwittingly directed against them.

Customised Delivery            Duration

Face to Face                                  2 hours
Virtual                                             1 two-hour session