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Despite the major advancements women have made in becoming a significant part of the workforce, they are still facing important career development issues. Although many women achieve lower and middle management positions, they seem to hit the “glass ceiling” in many organisations and are denied the most senior levels of upper management. The reasons are multi-dimensional; some women lack the confidence to apply for senior positions; some lack the necessary education or training; and others find themselves excluded from the top positions because of systemic gender bias that exists in some companies.


This session presents a variety of perspectives on career development for women.  How do women make career choices? What difference does cultural or economic background make for a woman’s career development? How do women’s and men’s career development patterns compare?

The new global economy demands skill sets that are not, not now at least, natural for men: listening, collaborating and compromising.  And yet, for most industries, the progression of women into executive level positions is slow.

Will hard work alone automatically get a woman the promotion into the senior level roles she desires?

This module explores practical ways to intentionally focus on your career. As a participant, you’ll  explore practical ways to intentionally focus on your career. and come away with a plan to make proactive career development part of you day-to-day activity.

Take charge and be proactive to achieve the success you deserve.

Customised Delivery            Duration

Face to Face                                  2 hours to 1 full day
Virtual                                             1 to 3 two-hour sessions