5 Reasons Diversity and Inclusion Fails

At the People Development Team we believe the best approach to tackling an organisation’s growing concern surrounding their lack of internal diversity and inclusion is to start from the very core of the issue: the culture. Building inclusive cultures is essential in turning a diverse team into an inclusive one, and only once an organisation understands the value of true inclusion as a strategic driver can we then begin to evaluate other problems such as current leadership practices and behaviours.

5 Reasons Diversity And Inclusion Fails by Forbes

Glen Llopis in Forbes magazine recently published an interesting article highlighting some of the reasons diversity and inclusion, if approached incorrectly, always fails. Llopis argues that the notion of diversity and inclusion should be reframed: instead of looking at it solely as a “problem” it should be approached as an “opportunity” – specifically an opportunity for growth.

According the American business magazine here are the five ways to rethink and reinvent the way senior managers lead diversity and inclusion as a growth strategy:

  1. Move diversity and inclusion out of human resources
  2. Know what opportunity diversity and inclusion solves
  3. Solve for respect not recognition
  4. Think mosaic not melting pot
  5. Move people to the centre of your organization’s growth strategy

To read more about each approach click here, or if you would like to know more about how we PDT can help your business create inclusive environments please follow the links below, or contact us on info@pdtglobal.com.

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