European Diversity Awards 2016…all will be revealed tonight!

By Angela Peacock

Angela Peacock, European Diversity Award 2016 Nominee

Thanks to all of you who sent me “Good Luck” for tonights EDA Awards. I’m still surprised to be nominated and thrilled to be shortlisted!

I was asked why I do this work and why building a global firm like PDT is important. The link between true inclusion and strategic advantage has never been more stark. Leaders who see the whole ‘Person’ – their history, experience, what they gained and what they lost – stand a far greater chance of having a team who sees the next major innovation or calamity. So I do this work for the fact it makes strategic sense, ensures innovation happens and that we creates environments where everyone with the ability to excel can do so.

One of my nominations sited my humble beginnings. I had no impact on that. But working alongside leaders who demonstrated then as they do now an ability to put aside what their immediate reaction was – and looked again to see what could be was so totally enabling. Having a gift or talent is wonderful but I have seen so many people loose faith in their own ability to be excellent because of the words and actions of others. So I do this work because I know how it feels to be both recognised and discounted.

Being shortlisted alongside the PM of Luxembourg puts me in great company whatever the outcome. Last week I saw the slides and notes from our Japanese training team. Looking at graphics and power points that clearly talk about inclusion as a global issue – yet seeing them in such beautiful local script was another reminder as to how far we at PDT Global has come. So finally I do this work still as the little girl from the East End of London who was taught we are all human and all have a story to tell. I have been lucky enough to have been empowered to create a rich story that has taken me across the globe and seen a two person training company become a major player in the diversity and inclusion space with clients from Microsoft to BNY Mellon, from the NBA to governments. We have shocked and impacted – we have created practical approaches and helped leaders dig into their hidden beliefs. More importantly we have made a difference.

Will let you know how I get on tonight…

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