BORSEN | Don’t Work with People You Don’t Like – Like More People

Our Chair, Angie Peacock was recently interviewed by Gro Høyer Thielst at the Danish publication Brosen. Børsen is a Danish newspaper specialising in business news published in Denmark.Gordon Ritter, Check out the interview here and let us know your thoughts!


Angie talks about one of her favorite topics – creating an inclusive environment where everyone who has the ability can excel.  That doesn’t mean you work with people you don’t like, but it does mean you may need to learn to like more people.

In today’s global business environment, we must work with very diverse people and cultures, we can no longer just depend on a business run by people who are “just like us”.  Angie talks about this in the article and suggests why our brains work the way they do and the neurological science behind it.

With clients such as Cisco, Microsoft and Fidelity, Angie is able to highlight how PDT establishes definitive links between inclusion and meeting the specific financial and business goals of their businesses.

Our Danish Customers can read the Borsen article here

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