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In-Person & Virtual Workshops

At PDT Global, we’ve been leaders in the delivery of highly interactive and impactful live virtual and in person inclusion and leadership training for more than a decade. The most of our solutions are available through virtual technology of all kinds, or as in-person workshops and in multiple languages. All may be tailored to your cultural context.






Digital Solutions

We combine our learning and development knowledge with our inclusion training capacity, focus group expertise and digital embedding/measurement capability to design bespoke solutions across geographies, divisions and often entire global organizations. Engagements may last from weeks to years.







Inclusive Immersive Gamification

Discover why inclusion is integral to business success by exploring your own bias through our against the clock immersive gamification experience. This is no ordinary workshop!  Our 90 minute to 3.5 hour Inclusion Escape Room workshops enable participants to analyse their personal beliefs and perceptions and use this to inform decisions to develop and support inclusive practice in self and others.






High Impact Conferences

The perfect way to introduce, reignite and challenge the inclusion and diversity topics. Lived in the moment – talked about for years!

Most of our workshops can be run as highly impactful conferences including our Inclusion Escape Rooms.






DEI Consultancy

Diversity and inclusion are very important—your people are also very busy. That’s why, at PDT Global, we offer highly flexible, scalable, and engaging learning pathways that fit seamlessly into the flow of work.  PDT Global’s Inclusion experts are specialists in designing innovative global inclusion & diversity strategies, metrics, scorecards, external partnership strategies, and talent velocity predictions.






Train the Trainer

Our Train the Trainer program is designed to upskill your in-house trainers to deliver inclusion and diversity training internally at the highest levels.  Participants will discover vital connections between inclusion and organization and this developmental training program with enable your team to plan and deliver impactful workshops and masterclasses around your choice of inclusion, unconscious bias, inclusive leadership, respect and integrity and women’s leadership.





Offsites and Retreats

An intense combination of serious business planning, fun, respectful challenge and self-discovery with plenty of practical tips and techniques.  Tailored around your requirements, outcomes and timescale.