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The real value of diversity and inclusion goes way beyond being ‘the right thing to do.’ It has tangible and measurable commercial value and it is time for businesses to learn how to make that link – and then to communicate loudly and often. It is only when we are able to articulate that link, that many of us see why a solid diversity and inclusion strategy is not simply an issue for the HR Team – rather something that everyone in an organisation should embrace. Sometimes, all it takes is cold, hard data to prove a point. According to a Forbes Insight study, 56 percent of organisations strongly agreed that diversity helps drive innovation. The study also finds that a diverse and inclusive workforce can also help ensure that a company’s products and services are respectful of their clients’ cultures and are able to attract global talent. And according to McKinsey, organisations with a diverse board see up to 53 percent higher return on equity and significantly higher earnings.


An in-depth module introducing a NEW definition of diversity – Diversity of Everything – and exploring the unique business case for the group in creating inclusion (an environment where everyone with the ability and ambition to thrive can do so). Crucially, we explore the risks of not creating an inclusive environment on the strategic objectives owned by the participant group.

Customised Delivery            Duration

Face to Face                                   1 hour session
Virtual                                              1 hour session

  • Inclusion and a new way of thinking about diversity are defined
  • The impact on business objectives of not creating inclusion are explored
  • A shared narrative for inclusion is identified.

Identify opportunities to talk to others about inclusion and develop a personal narrative to support this.

Understand, and be able to articulate, the specific case for inclusion in your business.