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Unconscious bias can have widespread influence in organisations, with implications on everything from diversity to decision-making.  Whether people realise it or not, everyone makes judgments about others based on stereotypes. While people’s actions based on such unconscious biases aren’t typically malicious, they can negatively impact a business on many levels, chiefly among them is their ability to hire diverse talent.


This workshop explores the impact of ‘unwritten rules’ in the workplace – ways of working that advantage certain people whilst disadvantaging others. The impact of these ways of working are considered and practical actions identified for decision-making and behaviour which manages the effects to create a more inclusive way of working.

Customised Delivery            Duration

Face to Face                                   1 to 2 hours
Virtual                                              1 to 2 hours

  • An exploration of how unwritten rules and certain ways of working advantage some whilst disadvantaging others
  • Establish concrete actions to generate a more inclusive approach.

Personal commitments for deploying more inclusive behaviour and decision-making in workplace contexts

Participants will identify the situational impact of unconscious bias in workplace settings and pinpoint behavioural changes and actions to mitigate the effects.