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Diversity of markets, customers, ideas, and talent is driving the need for inclusion as a new leadership capability. PDT shares four attributes of leaders who display the ability to not only embrace individual differences, but to potentially leverage them for competitive advantage.

If inclusive leadership reflects a new way of leading teams, then we need to look beyond traditional leadership assessment tools and frameworks. PDT has researched this new leadership capability, with our initial exploration leading us to be much more certain about “inclusion” itself, what it means and how it is experienced by others.  We believe when people feel they are treated fairly, that their uniqueness is appreciated and they have a sense of belonging, and that they have a voice in decision making, then they will feel included.


Even the most seasoned of leaders can struggle to understand what it is about their practice that makes them an inclusive leader. This programme paints the picture for inclusive leadership by introducing 6 dimensions for inclusive leadership, each of which has a set of rituals, practices and actions to help leaders flex their inclusion muscle. A self-assessment on current performance against each dimension helps identify the priority areas to focus on.

Customised Delivery            Duration

Face to Face                                   1 to 2 hours
Virtual                                              1 to 2 hours

  • Introduction to PDTs model for inclusive leadership
  • Personal assessment of own capability against 6 dimensions
  • Establish activities and rituals to build capability against each of the dimensions.

Identify and commit to habits and practices to develop as an inclusive leader

  • Establish what it means to be an inclusive leader
  • Evaluate their personal status on this journey
  • Identify habits, rituals and practices to develop as an inclusive leader.