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Conferences and off-sites can be the perfect way to introduce the inclusion and diversity topics to a new audience – or to reignite and challenge the thinking of those already working with them.

Our top class strategic facilitators listen to you to discover what outcomes are needed and then co create the right solutions for you.


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From a major keynote to 10,000 to break out workshops for just 25, from moderating panels to planning and delivering your whole Inclusion Conference, PDT can offer a variety of approaches across the globe.

Our specialists are some of the most memorable  speakers crafting amazing speeches and running engaging workshops that have attendees buzzing about the impacts for weeks and months to come.

We bring a radical and refreshing new approach – introducing courageous conversations that challenge your audience’s thinking around inclusion, as well as deeper discussions in a multitude of subjects from neuro-science to bi-sexuality, non-dominant groups to privilege, ‘power groups’ to race, politics, mental health and gender.

Presentations vary from hard hitting Inclusion as a Strategic Driver, which ensures your delegates are left in no doubt about what the risks are of not creating an inclusive environment, to the From Unconscious Bias to Conscious Inclusion, an amazing 90 min session that attendees tell us “haunts their dreams”!

Our own Founder and Chair, Angela Peacock, is a thought leader in the diversity and inclusion arena and advises boards, executive teams and governments on the broad topic of inclusion and the specifics around diversity. A strategist at heart she brings all arguments back to the business case and amazes audiences .

She tells her own stories and brings the whole topic of inclusion to life. Her latest presentations include “The bias that can prevent your business success” to “A new way to explore an old problem – pushing the boundaries on our thinking around diversity and inclusion.”


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Whether you are looking for a fully designed inclusion and diversity event or an off-site session, we can help.

From a bespoke two hours to two full days we bring our combination of practical diversity work and aspirational inclusion approach to your issue, making it focused on you and your company.

Many of the teams that our facilitators work with begin with some simple scene setting and icebreaker activities. The importance of this is to allow all staff to feel at ease with the process and to feel empowered to share, collaborate, and develop new ways of thinking. From those early days we look to move onto sessions designed to have them explore inclusion within their own teams and eventually their own selves. We often spend time drawing the very specific line between their inclusive aspirations and the reality of achieving their strategy.

As experts in bias we can help your teams uncover their own unconscious biases, and those rife within the organisation to which they work within. We hope to work closely with those staff members and explore the many practical ways these can be reduced from a personal and professional context.

Our skilled consultants may also help you draw up a timeline plan to help drive activity, and a performance measurement system to ensure progress happens. Relying on and utilising the joy of learning and development.

Our off-site team are experienced strategists, culture change experts and facilitators with deep understanding of the reality of your business. So whether you would like us to design the whole thing or see us as an addition to your agenda we can help, globally.

If you’d like to learn more or schedule a conference or offsite event – just tell us a bit more in the form below and we’ll get right back to you.