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At PDT Global we want to help you achieve your diversity goals. We believe it will be a combination of different activities that will make this happen, and we want to be with you on your journey – wherever you are at this moment.

So, if you already know what the steps are that you need to take, we can understand and share where we can help you with those. Or if you have some ideas but don’t know how to begin to measure the impact of them – we can help with that too. Maybe you have a hunch where the issues are lying but want to discover more before you move to the solution, again, we can help you. If you have tried everything and are still are not seeing your agenda progressing, we can help with that too.

In fact, wherever you are on your journey, we can help. With training, facilitation, consultancy, discovery and design methods that really work, we can be there at each stage of your journey.


When we began working with this Asian Financial Services organisation, they felt they had done everything and still nothing was working. With two D and I heads in two years they had the business case and communications around it drawn up, and had charged each people manager with increasing their diversity numbers around race and gender in the coming two years. They had run diversity programmes and shared research proving that diverse teams in their sector had improved fiscal results. However, in the past three years the Exec team had reverted to only 2 women (Marketing and HR) and no people of colour.

We began by helping them cut the data from their EE survey around inclusion indicators. We then helped them to look more deeply across certain levels and geographies. Differences were huge. Next came a round of deep dive focus groups (we run these via live virtual technology) so we were able to understand what was happening differently across the globe.

Similarly, we explored what happened to the women who had attended the development programmes and recognised the pre and post managerial support was patchy at best.

However, we uncovered a deeper issue in a short survey that demonstrated how over 70% of the male employee group felt diversity was irrelevant to their business case and of them over 70% felt they would be looked over for promotion in favour of a diverse candidate.

In tandem with their D and I council we began by drawing up a two-year plan – a plan that would create both an inclusive environment and also measure and drive diversity results. The taxonomy was agreed and plan put into action.

A series of live virtual webinars brought various messages from “New ways to think about inclusion” to “How to reduce Bias in your client teams “and “Inclusive Behaviours and how to leverage them”.

Specifically, we added our SPOW to the mix. Managers were charged with helping and monitoring the progression of the women in their teams (this was then made into a formal sponsorship programme designed by those managers).

We had designed a measurement methodology that was more immediate than the EE survey and was action centred for the first year. Using our Managers guide plugged into their own LMS we designed a tracker for activity and helped the managers know what to do and how to do it, with the support of their teams. A new D and I head was hired a year later and added to the plan. We were able to report both inputs and outputs around inclusion, and measurable improvements across gender in double digits and race at senior levels too.