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As always our approach is to work with you to craft the best development programmes for your females- at any level. We can craft a year long modularised programme for middle managers or a “board potential “ strategic programme for your more senior women.

Our expertise falls into three areas-strategic acumen, development and care  of self and the more practical career development modules.

Experience has taught us that developing the line managers along with the women is essential and so our “Supporting the careers of Women “workshops are an essential part of your improving pipeline.


Our career development programmes are practically focussed to ensure women at every level in your organisation are doing the right things to enable them to progress. Along with some common themes such as living CVS, networking ,  and visibility  skills we can combine politics and internal process training .We explore what’s really going on with your pipelines and the deeper reasons for your wanting to run a programme so that we can ensure the result is effective and measurable.

As with all of our programmes these can be a combination of face to face or live virtual classroom- bringing women together across your operation without the need to travel.


Research proves that women often do not feel as confident as their male colleagues in speaking up around business planning or strategic themes. Often this is not because they cannot but because they BELIEVE they cannot. It is also true that more men than women are privy to discussions around strategic themes as their careers progress. Our strategic acumen programmes work to demonstrate to the delegates a simplistic approach to strategic thinking and to gives a hands on  an experience of testing internal strategy or business plan against a set of known tools. Finally in a safe environment they present their findings.

This programme has proven successful in growing leaders more confident in articulating and demonstrating their strategic ideas.

This workshop may be crafted into your existing programmes or as a standalone solution.


Our flagship women’s programme “VIVE” has been successful in seeing its delegates move into more senior roles faster than a control group. It offers a deep exploration of who we are and touches on themes such as Self-belief, Vulnerability as a strength, Well- being and Energy, Focus and developing a resilient mindset.

A varied and experiential programme, with time for self-reflection , pair work, expert inputs and practical guidance, it is usually run as a two day residential but has been equally as successful in live virtual workshop modules.

“VIVE” continues its work long after the official programme ends by installing a year long buddy system and continued virtual meetings.

Ask about how elements of this programme will dovetail into your own current offering for women.


Women taking part in development programmes are more likely to get promotion as a result if their managers are engaged. This will be true of your existing programmes and also of any new ones you may be considering running. We have developed a simple 90 minute live virtual session (LINK) that leaves managers in no doubt as to how to support the women in their groups that are part of a development programme.

SPOW is also relevant to line managers of women more generally and gives good solid advice and shared understanding about some of the approaches and learnings needed to create an environment where the women in their team progress.