Digital Learning Webinar 24th July2019-07-18T08:10:32+00:00

We are delighted to invite you to our Digital Learning Webinar on Wed 24th July – Power your inclusion journey with digital learning.

  • Can digital learning really accelerate the inclusion and diversity journey?
  • What is the learning psychology behind the digital approach?
  • What is the difference between a micro-learning and a nudge?
  • Where do you start, and/or how do you enhance the results of your current e-learning?
  • How can it be used to measure what your people managers are actually doing – and link to performance?
Join our webinar with digital learning expert Nic Girvan and Angie Peacock of PDT Global as they take you through a masterclass that will inspire you to reach more of your people, faster than you ever thought possible, by redeploying your current training budget. Together, they will share their experience and also deepen your understanding of how we scale inclusion messages globally and the importance of utilising both classroom and digital experiences to achieve this.

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Digital Learning Webinar – 9.30am BST:

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