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PDT Global offers great short microlearning experiences, animated and live action interactive videos for lots of inclusion issues and digital publications including one for leaders to have conversations. Upcoming innovative learning events such as virtual reality submersions and simulation suites are also available.

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Using your platform or ours we are experts in live virtual training that brings the inclusion and diversity message to many more people in a short time frame.

Our approach to live classroom training is to engage your delegates fully in sessions lasting from just 45 mins to 2 hours.

Using their phone and laptop the delegates get to not only see the facilitator as they lead the group- but be able to speak openly too. We use superior video and polling techniques to ensure the sessions are lively – but our real skill is in the break out sessions where a group of up to 50 will find themselves in a smaller group and able to control their task slides locally. These approaches mean that far from being an observer of a standard webinar- the delegate is brought into the session and fully engaged.

For your remote teams or global organisations this means we can bring together people who would never usually get to share in this way ,to learn ,understand and gain ideas from one another.

Using this method brings inclusion to life as no one is forgotten.

You save on travel and venue costs and translate that saving into being able to bring your messages and learnings to 1,000s more of your people than you ever thought possible.

PDTGlobal has worked with live virtual classrooms for many years and are award winners in this field.

We have trained companies where digital natives are the norm and the technology we employ second nature- to major finance organisations where it was budget that drove the decision to use live virtual classroom platforms – and now they do not look back! This methodology works for brining inclusion and diversity messages, learning and commitments to more of your organisation for less.

We pride ourselves on the fact that any of our workshops can be run using this method- why not ask for a free demonstration so you can experience this for yourself.

Across time zones

Bringing together your organisation globally

Driving value from your inclusion budget

Ensuring everyone gets to participate