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The business landscape will look dramatically different in coming decades. By embracing people’s differences, we can spark innovation, better understand and serve our customers and gain competitive advantage.

Driving a successful inclusion strategy begins with the senior leaders, but to be fully sustainable it needs to be lived by every one of us. If that seems challenging, think about this: many leading researchers and social scientists have proven a link between diversity and productivity. PDT has seen that when people work directly with someone with at least one diverse trait, it challenges them to prepare more and work harder.


We’re often asked the question, ‘How do I engage with the person in my team who is gay (or millennial or female or black)?’. It’s interesting that the introduction of a label creates a perception that there might be a universal way to deal with such people. This workshop explores labels and how unhelpful they can be. It takes us beyond the label to the uniqueness of each and every individual. From this place we can start to explore how we can engage with people at work more deeply to foster greater respect and more enjoyable and productive relationships.

Customised Delivery            Duration

Face to Face                                   2 hours
Virtual                                              2 hours

  • An exploration of how we are all unique, including the acknowledgement that labels (e.g. female, millennial, bisexual) are fundamentally unhelpful and how research can perpetuate myths and stereotypes in our thinking.
  • Reasons why human beings do not cope well with difference
  • Practical tips and actions for building more effective relationships
  • Top tips on how to embrace those who are different from us and build more effective and productive relationships.
  • Infographic tool for steps to reframe difficult and challenging relationships and find new ways to engage.

Participants will learn how to build more effective and productive relationships at work, particularly with those who are different from them. They will:

  • Explore and explode some myths about difference in the workplace
  • Consider how each and every one of us is unique
  • Gain practical tips for engaging with people who are different
  • Learn key steps from our ‘Embracing Difference’ infographic for dealing with difficult and challenging people at work.