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The role of ERGs in today¹s corporate world grows more and more prominent as organisations engage them in meaningful business conversations and charge leadership with utilizing their resources. ERGs, through their efforts in talent and innovation, develop genuine talent pools that mirror the business environment in many organisations.


PDT provides ERGs with the tools, skills and capabilities to excel…from start up to ongoing progression as a strategic business and organizational resource for change.

As ERGs evolve, there is often a need to sharpen and refocus their efforts.  Maybe there’s a need to increase membership vitality or stay relevant to the changing business needs.  It could also be that your ERG has lost momentum and even sliding into a period of dormancy.  These stages of an ERG’s Life Cycle impacts the organization, the D&I process and the ERG’s members in significant ways.

If ERGs are not implemented properly, employees—with the best of intent—can create “superficial safe spaces” in which diversity and inclusion are celebrated through the lens of food, fun, and festivities. This practice can build a “cover” that overshadows deeper issues of inequity that exist in your company’s policies and practices.

This one day intensive workshop will strengthen your ERG’s impact for increased levels of effectiveness, performance and contribution.

Customised Delivery            Duration

Face to Face                                        Full Day

Who Will Benefit?  

ERGs and Diversity Councils who are in any stage of development.  PDT will partner with you to  develop; implement and maintain a strategic diversity focus within the organization.

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The workshop encourages your ERG/Diversity teams to become dedicated to increasing the impact, effectiveness and recognition of ERGs and Diversity Councils.  They learn how to become an essential partner in developing; implementing and maintaining a strategic diversity focus within the organization.  They’ll walk through exercises to help them  evaluate the effectiveness of their existing group to make sure they are fully aligned with the organisations’s business objectives.

The day is broken into 3 parts:  1)  Strategy,  2) Unconscious Bias and 3)  Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

Using visuals, storytelling and real-world data will enable them to understand the difference between diversity and inclusion, and the impact on specific areas of your strategy such as:

  • Business Development
  • Risk Assessment
  • Technological Integration
  • Geographical Expansion
  • Cultural Change

Ambassadors are often in a position where they need to influence other leaders to think differently about a specific topic or individual.  The tools and techniques used in this course will provide a practical approach that can be used whatever the hierarchy differences.

  • Inclusion, Diversity & Success
  • How Reducing Bias Drives Inclusion
  • Inclusion Promotion & Bias Reduction Tools

ERG leaders will be able to ensure their teams are focused on activities and goals that lead to the achievement of business and organizational results. They leave with a solid foundation for moving forward by applying their newly acquired knowledge, skills and tools to their business situations through Action Planning and Goal Setting to ensure early wins and successes.

  • A deep understanding of the strategic necessity of creating an inclusive workforce
  • The ability to have challenging conversations across the organisation.
  • The ability to identify and reduce conscious and unconscious bias in themselves
  • A capability to use the bias reduction tools that challenge and support reduction in others.
  • A Diversity Committee or ERGs with the knowledge to drive and support change within the organisation