Expresso – A radical Shot of Inclusion2021-10-31T12:31:45+00:00

Expresso – A Radical Shot of Inclusion


This is a whistle stop tour through the latest thinking on the topic, how to avoid making the same mistakes as others and how to become aware of your own biases. Challenging and thought provoking.

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This high energy and challenging session can reinvigorate your diversity efforts, introduce the topic to a large group – or bring a potentially disengaged group to a deep level of understanding. In just an hour we cover a lot of ground – and offer some practical tips to help change the way we think around this work.

The session begins with the NEW definition of diversity – Diversity of Everythingwhich helps us move away from the typical thinking around difference and diversity, and into a deeper exploration of the very individual characteristics of any other human that may see you immediately and unconsciously privilege or exclude them.

We illustrate the session with hard hitting and recognisable story-telling, having the delegates reflect on their own reactions to day to day scenarios, and delve deeper to have them understand the complexity of situational biases.