Five Top Tips for Encouraging Inclusive Language in the Workplace


Inclusive language

One thing we have all been taught from a young age is that words matter.

Have you really wanted to speak about a topic affecting minority groups but stopped and thought:  “Wait, can I say that?”

If you look through history, you can see a direct correlation between slurs being socially acceptable, and strife inequality. The same goes for organizations. If a culture exists where non-inclusive language is either encouraged or not called out, employees from diverse backgrounds will feel its impact.

PDT Global’s consultant, Alice MacDonald, explains that while a lot of us are working virtually, and because less and less of us are interacting face to face, we may think inclusive language isn’t as important. Alice then goes onto share why this just isn’t the case and in fact, it’s more important than ever.

Read her latest article in full here for: HRD (Human Resources Director):  Five top tips for encouraging inclusive language in the workplace


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